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Thank you for using my referral links below! Simply click the links below and both you and I will be rewarded.


  • Chase Banking
  • Chase Freedom / Chase Freedom Unlimited
    • Those no annual fee credit cards are highly recommended if you want to earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points. You will need both your Social Security number and a fair credit history to apply.
  • Discover it
    • This no annual fee credit card is highly recommended for credit card newbies who simply want cash back. You will only need your Social Security number to apply. No credit history is needed.
    • I am happy to offer bonus match. Please DM me for details.
  • Plastiq
    • Pay any bills using credit cards to earn credit card sign-up bonus easily.

Phone Plans

  • Google Fi
    • The data is expensive, but you can roam internationally by paying the same data rate as in the U.S. This is what Google's plan attracts me the most.


  • CardCash
    • Buy discounted gift cards to save money.
  • Ibotta
    • This is a cash back app which allows you to save pennies when shopping both online and offline.
  • Rakuten (Ebates)
    • This is an online cash back portal. It saves a lot of money if you regularly buy things online.
  • TopCashback
    • Another online cash back portal.


  • MealPal
    • They offer extremely cheap lunches on weekdays but there are not a lot of choices.


  • Airbnb
    • Please DM me as the referral link changes regularly.
  • Lyft
  • OurBus
    • They operate cheap intercity bus routes in the eastern U.S. and their services are usually great.

Cloud Service Providers


  • Amazon
    • Typically, I only refer those who I am familiar with. Please DM me for details.