Not pleased by external gains. Not saddened by personal losses.



Welcome to 101对双生儿's blog! This blog will be the place to host my technical articles, class notes and personal posts. Thanks MOxFIVE for providing such an amazing theme on Hexo, a fast, simple and powerful blog framework based on Node.js. The site is still under construction, so more contents will be added later.

Born and raised in Shanghai, I am now a computer science graduating senior, pursuing dual bachelor's degrees from Columbia University in the City of New York and City University of Hong Kong. I am interested in software engineering, computer systems and artificial intelligence. You can find my résumé from the link on the left side, and my current projects on my GitHub. Feel free to talk to me!

The blog will be displayed in English; however, many posts will be available in either English, or Chinese, or both. Should you need any translation please let me know.

See you soon!